High praise from Ebert Construction customers

Ebert Construction has been aiding commercial real estate across the Corcoran, Minnesota region with various needs since 1968 — for 50 years! And clients have repeatedly shared positive reviews about the teams’ impressive skills, proactive customer relations and successful projects completed across the area communities. From commentary recognizing Ebert Construction for “maintaining the quality and craftmanship” of a 1950s era worship space to notations about how “trustworthy and honest” leadership is, Ebert’s reviews shine brightly within the field. They are consistently noted for their relationship building, jumping through necessary hoops to accomplish jobs and their integrity on job sites, among other sparkling commentary, all of which says folks hope to work with the Ebert Construction teams again in the future.

Many Minnesota Businesses Let Ebert Construction Do Everything

When Minnesota businesses refer to Ebert Construction as a full service construction company, they tend to be selling the company short. They do a whole lot more than provide building and construction services. In fact, their talents run to construction management services and real estate services as well, which means they can assist companies with virtually any aspect of the commercial construction process, even when it comes to acquiring property in the first place.

The general brokerage services offered by Ebert Construction can help clients market the properties they build for sale and lease, but they are also capable of conducting a complete analysis of market opportunities to get the best deal in the first place. They can even perform financial modeling and conduct thorough market research, which means they can develop the property to its fullest potential, if that is what the client company wants. Ebert Construction is among the best general contractors in Minnesota, but they can do so much more than just put up the building.

The Full Service Mission of Ebert Construction

In addition to traditional contracting services, Minnesota general contractor Ebert Construction offers a wide variety of other services that many others do not provide,. For example, they are capable of providing complete tenant representation services that can help any business client acquire the best possible facilities for their needs, whether they need it for lease or purchase. They will also capably assist their clients with calculating space requirements and evaluating potential alternatives, as well. These fine professionals can also negotiate lease and acquisition terms, prepare any relevant documents, and they can even work out the details and even carry out the move from your old facilities to the new ones they helped you acquire.

Ebert Construction believes in taking a team approach to their work, which means they will be glad to help you with every aspect of the development, construction or renovation of your properties and facilities, from estimating and budgeting the project to every aspect of acquisition and engineering. They can help you to develop the most effective long-range strategies for your real estate activities and identify significant real estate opportunities. Put simply, Ebert Construction doesn’t just build stuff, they help your business meet its commercial and financial objectives.

For the most part, Ebert Construction is known as a commercial general contractor in Minnesota, but they are also a construction management and real estate services company, as well. As a family-owned business that has been operating since 1968, hundreds of commercial buildings have been constructed, remodeled, restored, and converted by Ebert Construction so far, all over Minnesota and elsewhere. In addition, they specialize in a number of construction and maintenance services, including concrete, masonry and carpentry services, which places them a cut above many other general contractors when it comes to available services.

Minnesota Contractor, Ebert Construction

The people at family-owned Ebert Construction in Minnesota believe strongly in taking a team approach to their work, which means they will be glad to help any with every aspect of the development, construction or renovation of their properties and facilities. Of course, they are also really good at what they do, so they can assure you that all results will be what you expect and probably a lot more. That may sound unusual for a firm that is primarily known as a general contractor, but that is because they are not just a general contractor, as most other Minnesota companies would describe one.

Ever Construction is capable of doing everything, and that means everything. They are highly skilled at every aspect of the real estate acquisition and development process, from coming up with estimates to budgeting the construction or renovation project to every aspect of acquisition and engineering. They can also construct the building to the most exacting standards and even negotiate the lease or purchase of the building. In other words, if you bother to dig beneath their identification as a general contractor, you will find that Ebert Construction is a whole lot more.